A well-designed game is a journey of hand-crafted experiences interpreted through player desires

Galaga Fever – VR Swarm Shooting

Mysterious aliens from Galaga are attack Earth!
The genius scientist Dr. Mad has prepared for this day with a super elevator that takes you 150m off the ground!
Be careful, the elevator is constantly under attack by the enemy! With new weapons provided by the Doc, you and a partner set out to shoot down as many alien attacks as you can!


At the end of 2017, I worked with Subdream Studios as the Game- and Systems Designer for Bandai Namco’s newest VR arcade game: Galaga Fever! It is exclusively playable in their VR arcades in Japan. I was responsible for creating and maintaining all design documents, scripting gameplay features, and balancing and designing weapons and enemies.

The Surge

A catastrophic event has knocked you out during the first day on the job… you wake up equipped with a heavy-grade exoskeleton, in a destroyed section of the complex. Robots gone haywire, insane augmented co-workers and rogue AI – everything wants you dead.


During October 2016 – April 2017, I worked as a Software Quality Assurance Tester for Deck13’s “The Surge”. My main responsibilities included identifying, reporting and regressing issues on PC, PS4 and XBONE, supporting the art department by giving detailed feedback on the state of the collision mesh and correcting translation errors in the English version.

Free Will to Free Will

An abstract, small exploration game about exploring your surroundings, experiencing different ending and enacting your own free will.


Inspired by “The Stanley Parable”, I was the vision keeper and game designer for this experience.
Together with an art student and an Unreal indie dev we created this project in 48 hours.

Conran – The Dinky Raccoon

Conran -The dinky Raccoon is a 3rd person Wave Survival Shooter featuring a blue Raccoon Gladiator fighting drones in a futuristic, clean and stylized world.


My first shipped title, I was responsible for the sound design and voice overs, running and analyzing playtests, as well as creating dynamic map presets (level design) for our ever-changing battle arena. Made in Unreal Engine 4.
(Nifty Productions polished and released the definitive version on Steam.)

Shiny Ninjas

Shiny Ninjas is a fast paced, 2-4 player, local, stealth Brawler. Kill all other Ninjas or reach and claim their bases to become the last ninja standing.


Due to release this Winter on Steam, I was the Team Lead and Systems/Technical Designer for this project. I managed the project using agile methodology, designed the sounds and outcries, and co-scripted the entire game in Unity3D.
(Nifty Productions will polish and release the definitive version on Steam.)

Kitty Dodgepong

The rules are simple: dodge the pong ball as long as possible!


This is the first game I have ever built, years ago. Designing it and seeing people have fun playing it was the spark that made me pursue Game Development!

Enemy Design

Some enemies I designed for a Sci-fi, FPS, adventure game.

Weapon Design

Some weapons I designed for a Sci-fi, FPS, adventure game.


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